RDI Consultant - Andreja Stefulj

RDI and Yoga for Autism and Diverse Needs

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everybody else.” M. Mead
“When kids feel competent, they become happier kids, kids who are more open to learning, and kids who invite future learning challenges.”



My name is Andreja Stefulj, I am a Relationship Development Intervention Consultant (RDI) and a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher for children and adults with autism and  diverse needs. My programmes, workshops, one to one sessions and resources, focus on empowering parents, children, teachers and teaching assistants to guide children in developing skills for their long-term future.

Relationship Development
Intervention (RDI)

RDI Intervention teaches parents how to guide their child to seek out and succeed in relationships, while addressing key core issue such as; motivation, communication, emotional regulation, episodic memory, rapid attention-shifting, self-awareness, flexible thinking and problem solving.

for diverse needs
Teaching children and adults with diverse needs and backgrounds mindful breathing, connect, yoga and movement to increase focus, body awareness, interoceptive awareness, co-regulation, self-regulation, communication, self-esteem and resilience using games and modifications to meet the unique strengths and abilities of each individual person.