About me


Educational/Behaviour Consultant, M.Ed, Certified RDI Consultant (Relationship Development Intervention) and Certified Yoga Teacher with an Emphasis on Making Yoga Inclusive & Accessible to Children and Adults of Diverse Needs

I am a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) consultant, with a passion for helping families and professionals to better understand children’s needs. I love helping families to be the best they can be, supporting parents helping their children with the challenges and obstacles they face and make developmental progress.

I first began working with children with diverse needs in 2010 while working as a primary school teacher. During this time I also started to work in the field of ABA and decided to study Applied Behaviour Analysis with the Florida Institute of Technology. Although I learned immensely through ABA, I felt something was missing. In 2019 I learned about RDI and I felt it was the perfect program to tie together my experiences and beliefs about working with children with special needs and their families. The emphasis is on empowering parents to support their children to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, build better relationships and to use social communication effectively. I studied with RDIConnect Houston, where Dr Gutstein and Dr Sheely, the founders of RDI delivered my training. I am based in London and I enjoy working with local families in their homes, in addition I also have experience working successfully via virtual sessions around the world. I provide meaningful guidance to families who have children with neurodevelopmental difficulties, such as Autism and ADHD.

I am also a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher for children and adults with autism and diverse needs. Through my study and experience teaching yoga to my students in the classroom and one on one, I quickly realised the benefits that yoga was having on my student’s attention and focus, reduced anxiety, body awareness and development of calming strategies. I also noticed the positive reaction from students each time they practiced yoga. I have experienced first hand the benefits yoga can provide to health and overall well-being.


“Andreja has been the most incredible teacher for our son- she has been instrumental in helping him improve in his social skills, academics, learning to make mistakes calmly and pay attention to the non verbal communication around him. She has instilled in him the love of yoga which has immensely helped him to self regulate and become more self aware. She is so patient, ambitious for our son and always so positive on his progress.”
“Working with Andreja and using RDI as been an absolutely blessing for our family. In the time we have seen so much progress with our little boy and our family as a unit. We have all learnt how to better interact and provide an environment to help him feel secure and involved in our daily routine and lifestyle.”
“I was initially a little sceptical when I first heard of RDI, but I have to say it has been absolutely transformational for my 10 year old son. He is engaging in a far more meaningful way with his family, other people and the world. Andreja is an amazing practitioner, she is experienced, patient and devoted, and we as a family have gained so much from working with her. I recommend RDI, and Andreja in particular, to parents looking to help their children achieve a more functional, independent (and happy) life. ”
“We cannot recommend Andreja enough she has helped not only us but our foster son.

We have been taught ways to help our little boy regulate himself - something that without Andreja’s help he would never have been able to do. We have found Andreja to be 1 of the most helpful people in regards to helping our little boy.

She goes above and beyond not only for the child but for us as parents.

We are absolutely amazed at how far our wonderful son has come on and the mountains he has over come are truly amazing.

To be honest we would be lost without Andreja so from us as a family Andreja we would like to thank you for everything that you do for us as a family and look forward to working with you in 2023.

Thank you!”
Kelly and Aaron F