Certified yoga teacher
for children and adults with autism

“Developing a connection and trusting energy with others is the foundation of being a certified yoga teacher. When people with diverse needs feel a sense of connection with you and a feeling of trust for you, they will feel safe and be more likely to explore and try new things that may be challenging or unfamiliar to them.”

Diverse needs

My goal, dream and passion is to combine my experience to teach mindfulness, meditation and yoga to children and adults with diverse needs on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. I meet every person, both in individual and in group sessions, with a pure intention to create a practice that encourages them to their fullest potential, celebrating the strength within each person.

Why yoga for children and adults with autism?

The practice of yoga for children and adults with autism, neurodiverse brains and other diverse needs, teaches many skills but perhaps one of the most important elements is teaching them processing and coping skills and how to respond to stress, worry, anxiety and depression. Many people with language processing difficulties and sensory processing difficulties, experience greater levels of anxiety and sometimes depression.

Building connection, co-regulation, self-regulation and teaching children specific breathing strategies, connection, yoga poses and movement to support them in activating the parasympathetic nervous system (ventral vagal – social engagement system) which is responsible for rest, relaxation and digestion, supports them in reducing anxiety, releasing difficult emotions and tension in the body, developing healthier sleep patterns, improving digestion and optimal functioning in the body and improving mood and behaviour.
“Developing a connection and trust energy with the child or group of children is the foundation of being a children’s yoga teacher.”

About Andreja

Andreja is a CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER with an emphasis on making yoga inclusive & accessible to children and adults with diverse needs, ducational/Behaviour Consultant, M. Ed and certified RDI Consultant (Relationship Development Intervention). She has worked with children and adults with autism and special needs for over 11 years. She has specialized in working with children and adults with significant cognitive and language delays, sensory processing deficits, as well as severe behaviour challenges. Andreja works with private clients of all abilities to facilitate health and healing. Her goal is to bring the experience of yoga to all individuals no matter their differences or challenges.
Through her study and experience, teaching yoga to her students in her classroom, she quickly realised the benefits of yoga and mindfulness on her students attention and focus, reduced anxiety, body awareness, co-regulation and development of calming strategies. She also noticed the positive reaction from her students and the joy they displayed each time they practiced yoga and mindfulness. She has a unique combination of understanding autism and other special needs and knowing how to teach and reach these young people.


“Listening with your heart feels good.
It connects you to others and reminds you to be a friend to yourself.”