Child parent relationship guidance

Special needs parents

“Parents are the most powerful resource that a child can have and building this relationship is vital for your child’s future happiness and relationships with others.”

When you have a child who is autistic, or who is neurodiverse in any way, it can be extremely challenging for you as a parent. You may find that the usual parenting methods (even ones that may worked perfectly with your other children) are not getting the outcome you would expect. This can knock your confidence and self-esteem, when actually, what you need is someone to help you to learn to use naturally nurturing methods, designed specifically to help autistic children to grow and to develop healthy child parent relationships.

I’ve worked with families since 2009, providing them with the tools needed to guide and support their children with diverse needs. Every child and every family are unique, which is why I have developed a range of programmes, workshops and resources to support families on their journey.


RDI individual programmes

RDI individual programmes are a whole family approach for autism and other developmental differences. RDI programmes teach parents how to guide their children to seekout and succeed in truly reciprocal relationships, while addressing the key core issues.

Consultation support

This package of support is designed to give you specific support when you need it for particular issues or challenges that may arise. This can always be renewed at any point in time.

Support for schools, therapists, educators and organisations

I offer a range of training packages to meet the needs in various settings such as schools and work places to improve the understanding and best practice inclusion of children and adults with autism and other diverse needs.

Yoga and Mindfulness


I offer one FREE Information session for parents, teachers, therapists, schools or organisations.

Parents and professionals can discover how they can be supported with RDI intervention, one on one consultation and Yoga and Mindfulness.

The Information session will be delivered by Andreja Stefulj, certified RDI Consultant and Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher for autism and diverse needs.

During the hour session there will be a chance to: